Mission, Vision & Principles

We are a reliable reference and association, formed by trans women with HIV, committed to universal access to HIV prevention and care, through communication and training; policy and advocacy; and promotion, defense, and demand respect for human rights of transgender people.

In 2015 COMCAVIS will have contributed to the reduction of HIV infections and adherence to ART in trans people; organizational strength will be achieved with broad national representation and helped a favorable social and political environment, free from transphobia, stigma and discrimination.

institutional Principles
COMCAVIS Trans' institutional principles are based on the following:

  • Excellence: search target population satisfaction with leadership and coherence to national objectives , results-oriented , valuing learning , innovation and continuous improvement.
  • Solidarity: Feeling of unity, cooperation, empathy, understanding and mutual aid among trans women
  • Efficiency -effectiveness: based on maximizing the benefits and impact, at reasonable cost, without risk to the beneficiaries, and najo a transparent resource management work.