Target Population and Objetives

Drawing on the philosophical framework of the Association, have been defined, in descending order of priority, as their target populations:

  • Women transsexuals and transgender (trans), without any exclusion criteria. Be they with or without HIV, incarcerated, sex workers, drug users and alcohol, rural and urban, among other variables.
  • LGBTI populations: lesbians, gay men, transgender men and transgender, bisexual and intersex women and (in the context of collaborative activities between organizations and populations LGBTI) men.
  • Sentimental and sexual partners of trans women, their families, social networks and their customers.

Other locations in the area of ​​HIV response, and are also of interest to COMCAVIS Trans are:

  • People with HIV.
  • Men who have sex with men (with or without HIV, rural and urban)
  • Men deprived of liberty
  • Male sex workers