Our History

COMCAVIS Trans Association, was born in response to the needs felt by TRANS women participating in the various support groups (people with HIV) to feel discriminated against, not represented and did not obtain the required information according to their own characteristics. Following this situation they organize and July 5, 2008 COMCAVIS TRANS was founded with the purpose of having a support group with which you could feel identified trans women, and thus strengthen their knowledge on HIV, antiretroviral therapy, human rights, stigma and discrimination, gender identity and related interest and direct population of trans women issues.

With the passing of time, COMCAVIS Trans is defined as a non-political non-religious non-governmental organization, and nonprofit, which aims to "represent, defend, ensure and promote human rights and interests of women TRANS to foster their development and respect for human dignity". Obtaining legal status on December 8, 2011, when the Ministry of Interior gives its juridical personality, and which was published in the Official Gazette on December 22, 2011.

Since its inception, COMCAVIS Trans, does its job with respect and subject to national laws, to public order based on the impartiality, regardless of gender identity, sexual orientation, race, sex, creed, nationality, social status and political affiliation; so your help routed with high spirit of service and objective understanding, governed by the fundamental rights and freedoms.

COMCAVIS Trans indifferently participated in workspaces, and has implemented education projects and development, advocacy, research, and the promotion and support of the allegations, among others. All focused on strengthening the knowledge and participation of about 200 trans LGBTI and women, some incarcerated and others with HIV.

Also part of the World Network for Trans Depathologization, the REDLACVO +  is part of the Central American Network of People with HIV trans REDCATRANS + and Network of Women's Organizations in El Salvador Trans 'Red TRANSAL'. The latter brings together five different Salvadoran organizations working with Trans people, and aims to promote and defend the human rights of persons with or without HIV TRANS and key to the eradication of all forms of stigma and discrimination populations through advocacy, social control and public policy proposals for the benefit of the stocks mentioned.

Every opportunity to represent learning and development for the people of trans women, people with HIV, LGBTI and detained, is enthusiastically accepted by COMCAVIS Trans (through its board, staff and volunteers). In 2011-2013. It has implemented three forums Depathologization Trans (as part of the World Network for Trans Depathologization) has filed a complaint with the Inter-American Commission on Human Rights (OAS) hate crimes derivatives transphobia.

Currently, COMCAVIS Trans is an organization formed by trans with HIV and HIV-negative women, consisting of ten volunteers, who elected a Board of Directors, which is composed of seven. The technical and management team is comprised of an Executive Director, three educators, and a person responsible for accounting issues. The headquarters of the organization is in San Salvador, but also run activities in the departments of Santa Ana, Sonsonate, San Miguel, La Paz, La Unión, Usulután and Cabañas (Penal Center of Sensuntepeque ).